File Download Calculator

File Download Calculator

Internet connections around the world become more and more accessible, and speed is less of a concern. However, it’s best to know how long it takes for a download process to finish before initiating it, just in case you need to go somewhere. For this sole purpose, File Download Calculator instantly provides the info you need.

Can be used on the go

On the one hand, the application is good to go as soon as it’s completely downloaded, because no installation is required to make it work. Moreover, this allows you to save it on a thumb drive, and always have it ready for use to calculate speed based on different connection types. Registry entries are not modified in the process.

The visual design is minimalistic. A table of values updates as soon as the necessary values are punched in. Your Internet connection doesn’t have to be active, with values displayed for different types of connections, ranging from 14.4 KB, ISDN connection, to T1 types going at 1.554 MB. Results are shown for all types of connections in hours, minutes, and seconds.

Write file size, and custom connection speed

Needless to say that the main requirement is the size of the file you want to download. You don’t have to load any file, but simply write down the appropriate value, and choose from KB, MB, or GB unit multipliers. There’s also a small numpad to use in case you’re on a touch-enabled screen.

In case your Internet connection type is not exactly reflected by preset values, there’s a custom field you can use for speed, but it’s specified in KB/s so attention needs to be payed if your value is in MB. Saving any of the info fields is done through a manual copy and paste operation, because there are no options to export details to file.

On an ending note

Although most download managers let you know how fast a file is downloaded, and how much it takes to download it, File Download Calculator can save you some time, instantly displaying the requested values. It can feel a little rough around the edges overall, but it’s sure to come in handy, especially because of the custom speed field.

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Makó Csombor, 03.10.2017
you are the best. thank you

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